Now everyone knows that Patagonia are masters of ethically produced outdoor gear, but who would have known that they could turn out fantastic Hawaiian shirts like this one from their amazing Pataloha range.

Now not everyone is a fan of loud shirts, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to embrace the statement shirt, especially whilst on holiday and this flowery shirt is perfect for wearing as you mooch along the beach, sand working its way into your shoes as your Mrs has a go at you for sinking 5 mojitos with your lunch.

Check out Patagonia’s range of shirts here

Barbour Dunelm wax jacket

Now like most men into their clothes, I’m a sucker for a waxed jacket; specifically ones made up in South Shields, made to be worn when you’re out seeing to your flock or riding your horse through the fields. Of course I’m on about Barbour.

This Barbour Dunelm is my current favourite out of all the other types of waxed Barbour jackets I’ve owned over the years. This trumps your Bedales and Beauforts, not to mention Internationals by virtue of having an all important integrated hood with its classic four pocket design. Perfect for traipsing through the Peak District, even better for sauntering around town.

Unfortunately Barbour no longer make the Dunelm, but you can check out their fantastic current range of waxed jackets here.